How to Choose Best Backrest Pillows ?

If you love sitting on the bed to watch television or read a book, then that means you are well aware of the back pain that arises from sitting in bed. Even when you make use of regular pillows, they eventually squash back, lose their firmness and before long, you start feeling the all-familiar lumbar or lower back pains.

One of the big things in life is posture, and without it, your back will suffer. When you slouch to read in bed, you are wearing your body out. The best way to avoid great discomfort whenever you lie down on a traditional pillow is to purchase what is known as a backrest pillow.

How to Choose Best Backrest Pillows ?

Pillows were formally used only by the wealthy class and had even been discovered in ancient Egyptian tombs. The difficulty of sewing techniques and sophisticated dyes led to the enhancement of pillows, and they became highly decorated and prized art forms. Pillows became cherished products first in China, Persia, and then in Medieval Europe.

They became a widely-used commodity in Tudor England and was believed that only pregnant women who were on the verge of giving birth needed it. But the Industrial Revolution birthed an era of mass production of decorated pillows and textiles. Chinese pillows of the ancient era were hard boxes makes from wood, stone, porcelain or metal instead of the modern-day stuffing.

Over time, the content and shape of pillows have varied only a little. Wealthy Greeks rested their heads and feet on richly embroidered pillows, bolsters or cushions. Even the Egyptians were not left out as they always believed that the head is the seat of life and lavished it with much detail, attention, and money on pillows for their dead. The Chinese, on the other hand, regarded soft pillows as robbers that deprived the body of vitality, and so their pillows were predominantly made of leather, wood, and ceramic materials. Some of these pillows were filled with herbal medicine to instigate sweet dreams, cure diseases, and restore white hair to black as well as to bring back lost teeth.

What Meterail Pillows are made of ?

Pillows today are made of foam, down, feathers, or synthetic fibers. These are encased in cloth and sewn. Then it goes into a pillow case which may come with zippers or button so that it can be removed and washed occasionally.
Pillows are meant to support the head and neck, not be too high or too firm which may result in a lower back pain. If the pillow is too high, you could experience severe neck pain. So your pillow needs to be just right for you by following the curve of your neck.

Different types of Pillows

Body Pillows – These are usually very long and provide support for the head down to the knees and on to the legs

Backrest Pillows – This type of pillow provides support for the back, relieving stress or strain from the shoulders, upper arms, and back.

Neck Pillows – Also known referred to as cervical pillows, neck pillows have a depression that helps to keep the neck properly aligned.

Travel Pillows – This type of pillow fits around your head via its distinctive ‘U’ shape and prevents slipping.

Donut pillows – The donut pillow is specially designed to lessen trouble or pain with your tailbone.

Lumbar Pillows – This type of pillow helps to relieve pain from your lower back.

Backrest pillows (which are sometimes called husband pillows) are usually big, hard, designed with a high back and enjoyable thick pillow arms. The backrest pillow is the best for balancing the weight of your body and relieving your back of pressure. They are comfortable and ideal for nursing mothers as well. For people who love to sit at a table working on their laptop or knitting or crocheting, using a backrest pillow adds that extra support to your lumbar vertebrae.

How Backrest Pillow is useful ?

Backrest pillows are extremely helpful when it comes to preventing back pain. When you assume a bad posture as a result of sitting at work, in the car or at home, it could lead to back, hip or neck pain and also instigate chronic fatigue, joint stiffness, sleeping difficulties, headaches, and weakened muscles. It could also bring about a misalignment of your spine and lower back discs. You wouldn’t want to subject yourself to long-term physiotherapy, do you?

A backrest pillow will enable you to prevent all these health risks by providing the needed support for your lower back. Since they help to ease muscle tension on your back, your shoulders and upper arms will be relieved as well as you can always relax on the armrests of your backrest pillow. By using the backrest pillow to support your back, you can readily enjoy watching your favorite movies or television program or to read that book.

If you are already experiencing chronic and acute back pain, then consider purchasing a backrest pillow. You will be pleasantly shocked at the amount of relief you will experience as it helps to alleviate that back pain even when you sit up for several hours to read or work on your computer.

Conclusion :

If you want to do away with that troublesome backache or just need something large enough to prop you up while you enjoy your favorite read, then get yourself a good backrest pillow. Having a sturdy and firm backrest pillow behind you can make all the difference even as you read or watch the TV.

You will also find out that size plays a significant role in the selection of the best backrest pillow that is ideal for you. The second most important factor to consider when shopping for a backrest pillow is the type of support it provides. The best backrest pillows are robust, support the back, shoulders and the upper arms as well. It must also be able to mold itself to your body by readjusting to every movement you make, ensuring that your back is properly supported at all times and bringing an everlasting end to strain, poor posture and back pain.

To get more information about the best backrest pillows in the market today, use the internet to search for backrest pillow reviews. You will even notice that most people that purchased the backrest pillows use it not only in bed but in the den or family room to provide adequate support while they hang out or read or just be with their friends.

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