Best king size Headboards

A few of the beautiful roles that headboards bring to any bedroom is the appeal, ambiance, and comfort it offers. Most people love sitting up in bed and leaning on their headboards to meditate, read, and plan how their day is going to pan out or watch television comfortably in bed. Therefore investing in a worthy piece that offers warmth and comfort is well worth it. Headboards make any bed look elegant, enhance its style as well as make it look bigger than it normally would.

Headboards, apart from making small rooms appear larger, also come in different styles and designs, thereby adding to the richness and aesthetic appearance of your bedroom.

About headboards

Although headboards seldom get the attention or credit they deserve, they are primarily responsible for turning an average-looking room into a dashing suit. A headboard is a piece of furniture; an upright board which is often covered in fabric or padded and attached to the head of the bed.

Traditionally, headboards were used to separate sleepers from cold and drafts in poorly insulated buildings and were predominantly made of wood. Wood was chosen as the ideal raw material to make headboards since they were not as thermally conductive as brick or stone.

Headboards were constructed so that there would be space between the bed and the walls of the house and allowed cold air to go downwards to the floor instead of onto the bed.

How it is useful

In these contemporary times, however, since most modern buildings are well-heated and insulated, headboards add aesthetic appeal to the bedroom and also help to keep pillows from falling to the floor. Some headboards are designed with storage spaces for personal items like books, telephones as well as conveniences like lights, etc. Headboards are most often complimented with footboards for aesthetic equilibrium.

Best king size Headboards [Queen Size]

Having read about the benefits of headboards, choosing the right headboards for your bed that will fit your budget may appear to be a daunting task. People want headboards for a variety of reasons; some individuals prefer beautiful headboards while others prefer regular ones just for resting while in bed. Headboards also come in two forms: detached and attached. Therefore, you need to take into account the type of headboards that you want.

To help you save time, effort and to prevent you from making poor choices when it comes to selecting inexpensive headboards, here are the best king size headboards that are relatively affordable for you:

Modway Lily King Upholstered Linen Headboard in Ivory

If you want to add stylishness to your bedroom, then get your hands on the tufted button headboard from Modway. Made from plywood, fiberboard and upholstered with fine polyester, you get your money’s worth for a construction that is durable and lightweight. It comes in four different sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, and King as well as in various colors: black, brown, beige, vinyl, ivory, white vinyl, and navy. This elegant deep button tufted headboard is the perfect fit for modern bedrooms, and it imparts a feeling of tranquility that will make you sleep soundly with peace of mind.


It fits king size beds perfectly

It is constructed using durable materials that are of high quality

It comes with adjustable legs that you can lower or raise depending on the size of your bed frame or box spring and mattress

It is relatively affordable

It comes in four different sizes

It comes with additional hardware for attaching the headboard to your bed frame

It is upholstered with high quality and durable fabric

It is super easy to install

It looks elegant and adds beauty and grace to your bedroom

You don’t need a drill to attach the headboard to the brackets


Although the product comes with Allen wrenches to aid attachment to your bed frame, you may need an adjustable wrench to hold the nut. This is not part of the hardware the product comes with

The rails that attach to the bed frame is made of wood and may crack if you lean too much of your weight on the headboard

Modway Annabel King Fabric Headboard, King, Ivory

The Annabel tufted headboard from Modway comes with an arched design and deep inset buttons that enhance the décor of your bedroom. It is made from plywood and fiberboard and upholstered with fine, beige polyester.

Annabel’s ornate design and flowing contours are sure to make you sleep peacefully as it gorgeously supports your bed. It also comes in four different designs namely Twin, Queen, Full, and King.


It is easy to assemble

It is relatively affordable

It’s a trendy piece of furniture that enhances the beauty of your bedroom

It is elegant, sturdy and well made

It is adjustable to your bed height


You may need to fix little furniture pads under the legs and behind where it touches the wall to keep it from scratching your wall.

Zinus Faux Leather Upholstered Square Tufted Headboard, Full/Queen, Espresso

This affordable faux leather upholstered square tufted headboard from Zinus comes with a classic styling to match the décor of your bedroom. This innovative headboard from the pioneers of comfort is padded with foam, and its upholstery which is made of espresso faux leather offers a stylish framework for a mattress. It is one of the few headboards that are backed by a worry-free limited warranty that spans five years.

The Zinus Faux leather upholstered square tufted headboard is available in Full/Queen 64.2” x 33” and can readily be adjustable to your desired height.


It is straightforward to assemble

Its height is adjustable

The price of this product is pocket-friendly

It comes with screws for easy attachment

It is made from long-lasting and durable materials


Be careful when it comes to fitting this headboard to a platform bed from Zinus as you may not succeed in attaching the former to the latter.

The adjustable height of this product is severely limited.

Modway Sovereign Queen Upholstered Linen Headboard in Gray

The elegantly designed Sovereign upholstered headboard has a high arch and is beautifully laden with tufted buttons that are deeply set and covered in fine polyester. If you want your bedroom to exude splendor and regality, then go for the stylishly modern Sovereign Linen headboard. This headboard comes, eminently sophisticated in fully padded foam and is a standard fit for queen size beds. Another beautiful product from Modway, available in only queen sizes.


It is easy to set up

It is constructed using materials of high quality

It is very affordable


It does not come with nuts and bolts to attach to your bed frame, though you may need to contact seller again for that..

You may need to purchase a different set of hardware if the holes that are pre-drilled into the legs of the headboard does not line with your metal bed.

It does not come with any instructions or guidelines about the size of bolts to purchase, and you may have to resort to trial and error at the hardware store.

The bottom of the legs do not have floor protection pads.

Zinus Upholstered Arched Nailhead Headboard, Full/Queen, Taupe

Few people bother to add elegance to the most important room in their homes, but getting the Zinus Upholstered Arched Nailhead Headboard, Full/Queen, Taupe does not rank you amongst them. This stunning headboard features a classic design and styling that matches any decor and is padded with foam. The tasteful headboard is covered with taupe upholstery which adds suppleness and offers a definitive framework for your mattress.

The Zinus Upholstered Arched Nailhead Headboard, Full/Queen, Taupe is also one of the easiest headboards that can be assembled in minutes. Its design is flawless, and it will transform your room from looking drab to one of splendor. It is constructed of highly durable materials and covered in high-quality fabric and nail head accents. You will be subjecting your body to a disservice if you neglect to pick up this innovative product from Zinus, the pioneers of comfort which is also covered by a worry-free five-year limited warranty.


It is easy to assemble and install

It is relatively inexpensive

It adds elegance to any bedroom

It comes with additional hardware to enhance the attachment process

It is made of materials that are of high quality including the wood and fabric used for the upholstery

It has everything you will ever wish a headboard has


Minor complaints about the presence of bedbugs

Minor complaints about the headboard not fitting in with the frame of Zinus platform beds

The screws may be a little too long for the holes near the mattress for attachment so you may need to purchase different screws

Bonus Information 🙂

Most people purchase a bed that comes with a headboard that is already attached to it. Of course, nothing is wrong with doing this since the headboard will always be a perfect match for the bed.

But the question is what if you chose to re-design your bedroom? It wouldn’t look so good, now would it?

Purchasing a bed with along with an attached headboard will also prevent you from even coming up with the idea of redesign your bedroom in the first place.

To avoid such a scenario, opt for a freestanding and separate headboard that you can attach to any bed. Go for a headboard that showcases your style, funkiness, and aesthetics. You will be able also to purchase another headboard easily whenever you decide to redecorate your room.

Another point you should take note of in your quest for a new headboard is that you should always consider the issue of ‘size’ because it matters a lot. The regular size of a headboard is evaluated as 48 inches tall, together with the legs. Always go for a headboard that is, to some extent, wider than the size of your bed. This way, you will create a more sophisticated and elegant look for the bedroom.

Also, bear in mind the height of the headboard that you have in mind to purchase. What makes headboards more appealing is if you can sit up against it comfortably in bed to watch the television or to read. Therefore, if you spend a lot of time doing these, your choice of headboards should be of the upholstered variety instead of wood, iron or metal headboard.

Headboards are also known to offer excellent solutions when it comes to storage space. If your bedroom does not have much wall space, then you can make use of the space behind the bed as a storage space. Cleverly designed headboards allow you to gain access quickly to your books while you are in bed and you can employ the drawers to hide any item from view as well.

If you have kids, then a free way to enjoy their growing up years and be involved in every part of the process is to invest in new separate headboards for your children’s beds, too. This way, you will not only update your children’s bedroom but will also take them through different ages and phases without the need to always buy a new bed for each of them.

Take note of this expert tip: always strive to become familiar with how to mount a headboard before you make the purchase or order it. Headboards come in several varieties: most of them can be attached to the frame of bed while others can only be mounted on the wall. Therefore, if your abode is rented, the best option is to go for a headboard that can easily be attached to your bed frame.

When shopping for headboards, most people also take the color of their bedrooms into account. While it ‘s nice to buy a headboard that blends in with the décor of your bedroom to give it a calmer and quieter look, choosing a headboard whose color contrasts sharply against your bedroom’s décor will make your bed stand out.

However, you can also go for a headboard with neutral colors as this will allow you to swap out curtains, bedding as well as accessories easily more often.

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